2015 Teams and Winners

Below you’ll find the teams for 2015 and the winners for each sponsor



Category Team Sponsor
Student Experience One Website to Rule them All Information Services
Neighbourhoods & Communities ediBus Scottish Government
Global Development Udadisi Practical Action & Global Development Action
Data Visualisation Ticker Gurus Bloomberg
Data Mashup The Hackstreet Boyz CompSoc
Travel Sky Trip Skyscanner


Manager: Roosa Tammela

  • Roosa Tammela, Informatics
  • Fabien Florek, Informatics
  • Patrick Cartlidge, Informatics
  • Chris Swart, Informatics


An accessible iOS app to display and read out upcoming bus stops while journeying on Edinburgh buses.


Main screen Bus number input Bus stop dislay



Manager: Yingnan Chen

  • Yingnan Chen, Informatics
  • Lingwei Wu, ECA

Interstellar Catcher

Flowery Monsters is a team consisting of a programmer and a graphic designer — two big fans of sci-fi. Driven by the desire to improve the user experience of travel search platform, we redesign a dynamic website for Skyscanner. We tend to mimic flight traveling as an interstellar odyssey so as to arouse people’s desire to travel. We presume the prime target group of Skyscanner would be the young generation as its market strategy is “compare cheap flights, hotels & car hire”, thus we gamify the process of tickets booking and make it more attractive to the youth. In the interface, floating planets with various sizes represent different flight prices, which is more intuitive for users.

Website homepage Price Information Concept Design


Hack Happy

Manager: Theo Pavlakou

  • Theo Pavlakou: Informatics Python, Java, Machine Learning. I’m interested in learning more about web development, both the backend and the frontend.
  • Charlie Nash, Informatics Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, I’d like to work with geolocated data and learn about web development
  • Rafael Karampatsis, Informatics Java, Python, Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Data, I want to learn more about networking / server hosting
  • Harri Edwards, Informatics Machine learning and NLP. I’d like to learn about data mining social media.


  • https://github.com/theopavlakou/ilw2015

Takes Tweets from the area of Edinburgh to create a map of sentiment around the city. The final product is an interactive web app that provides a clean visualisation of the city’s mood. Users can browse by date, or view the sentiment of live tweets in real time. CitySentiment uses sophisticated sentiment analysis techniques to ensure that the data on show is a meaningful snapshot of Edinburgh’s Twitter users. The project could be extended to other cities, and could offer information such as the average sentiment for a user-defined location.

Themes: Data Visualisation, Communities and civic engagement

My cool app homepage My cool app signup My cool app sponsors


Hackuna Matata

Manager: Megan Douglas

  • Megan Douglas, Social and Political Science: Experience working in the international development field, including Nairobi, Kenya; looking forward to working with students from different disciplines to gain a better understanding of technological innovation within the Global South.
  • Jevgenij Zubovskij, Engineering: Java, HTML, C++, C#, SKills in Electronics.
  • Tharald Solheim, Engineering: Knows a fair bit of C, up to multiple threads and a bit of real time embedded stuff. Want to learn web stuff and APIs
  • Erin Parsons, Engineering: Knows mechanical engineering, want to learn web stuff.
  • Adam Warren, Informatics: Java, Haskell, wants to learn business strategies.
  • Moise Lubwimi, Informatics: Java, Python, Django, web stuffs, wants to learn business strategies.

Innovation in Nairobi

Collecting and Presenting data from diverse sources on innovative and sustainable technology development in Nairobi, Kenya.


One Website to Book Them All

Manager: Paul Sinclair

  • Paul Sinclair, Informatics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, PS
  • Daniel Todorov, Informatics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python
  • Hans Christian Gregersen, Informatics: HTML, CSS, Java, Python, python frameworks (Django, Flask)
  • Damodar Sojka, Informatics: HTML, CSS, JS (angular.js), firebase for backend if we need this
  • Piotr Jander, Informatics: HTML, CSS, Java, Python, SQL, HASKELL
  • Vasiliki Nikolakopoulou, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Adobe Suite, 3d modeling, HTML, CSS


We’re creating a website which will suggest a university study space to users based on location, availabilty, etc. It will also provide a nice visualisation of study space availability over time.


Alt text Alt text Alt text


Revenge of Cyborg Unleashed

Manager: Mattias Appelgren

  • Scott Cantisani, Informatics
  • Tony Gallagher, Informatics
  • Emilia Bogdanova, Informatics
  • Connie Crowe, Informatics
  • Mattias Appelgren, Informatics

Polling for group travel

Make group travel easier and what not.

Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Desktop 1

Sky Trip

Sky Trip

Manager: Marcial Puchi

  • Constantinos Chrysostomou, Informatics: Java, Haskell, Python, Lua, Corona SDK
  • Marcial Roberto Puchi Jasso, Informatics: Knows Javascript, CSS, HTML, sentiment analysis, data visualisation
  • Stephanos Loizou, Informatics: Python, django, Back-end experience
  • Jesus Emmanuel Vazquez Valencia, Informatics: Python, Back-end, Databases

Sky Trip

Web application that helps you plan a multi-city/country trip by finding the lowest combination of plane ticket prices..

Homepage Flights Prices

The Hood

Squirtle Squad

Manager: Yasen Petrov (main point of contact)

  • Yasen Petrov, Informatics Brief summary of skills/knowledge and what you want to learn more about this week.
  • Lazar Lazarov, Informatics Brief summary of skills/knowledge and what you want to learn more about this week.
  • Stiliyan Emanuilov, Informatics: Brief summary of skills/knowledge and what you want to learn more about this week.
  • Teodor Todorov, Informatics Brief summary of skills/knowledge and what you want to learn more about this week.
  • Elitsa Bankova, Informatics Brief summary of skills/knowledge and what you want to learn more about this week.
  • Justas Brazauskas, Informatics Python, Java | Want to strengthen Android development skills

The Hood

A mini social network for neighbourhoods (Android). Currently, the app is able to create posts and events, to comment and tweet them. The events and posts are visible in a certain radius which is set up by the poster.

aa aa a a a a a


Ticker Gurus

Manager: Daniel Duma

  • Christina Bremer, School of Informatics
  • Gizem Aras, School of Informatics
  • Kevin Kwan, PPLS
  • Daniel Duma, School of Informatics

Visual representations of correlations in the stock market.

a a a


The Hackstreet Boyz

Manager: Frazer McIntosh

  • Frazer McIntosh: Informatics
    Converts coffee into code - python, js, java, HTML etc
  • Nikola Pavlov, Informatics
  • Tommy Meacham, Informatics
  • Mary O’Donnell, Law
  • Graham Macphee, Informatics
    UI, UX, HTML, CSS, JS and a few other letters…


  • https://github.com/Hackstreet-Boyz/TrendTraveller

WhereNow is a website and application that allows you to find interesting locations to travel to based on social media trends. WhereNow keeps you up to date with what’s happening and where it’s happening and, most importantly, helps you get there fast! Based on the idea of discovery and spontaneous travel, WhereNow is the perfect way to plan your next fun adventure!

WhereNow uses a variety of data sources. We take location data generalised from Twitter where we look for areas around the world with anomalously high concentrations of tweets. Based on positive or negative sentiment from those tweets WhereNow converts this location into a trending “hotspot”. We then find the nearest airport to the event and use Simple Weather to tell you what the skies will look like when you get there, a short location descriptions is provided by Wikipedia, maps by Google, flight prices powered by Skyscanner, and photos via Panoramio.

Mobile Mobile details screen Desktop



Manager: Anton Puzorjov

  • Anton Puzorjov, Biological Sciences:
    Knowledge in business economics, finance, marketing and science. Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP), Java, iOS dev. I’d like to get my hands dirty into something new and fun!
  • Nikita Samarin, Informatics:
    Knows Java & Android, wants to learn some webdev stuff


A web application that provides students and staff with a convenient way to integrate their university timetables into their personal calendars for an easy and fast access at any time from any device.

Application parses details from student’s timetable, which is generated by the university Path portal (https://path.is.ed.ac.uk), and automatically generates CSV and ICS files, which can then be easily downloaded and imported into any Calendar appilcation.

Theme: Student Experience

My cool app My cool app



Manager: Katie Hartin

  • Katie Hartin, SPS Skills- experience in qualitative research in East Africa, Kiswahili oral/written language skills; I’d like to learn more about how I can incorporate data visualization into my own research and how I can expand my skill sets.
  • Judy Duong, Informatics frontend
  • Olafs Vandāns, Informatics backend
  • Mateusz Rogozinski, Informatics Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Our goal was to visualize the data in a way that is informative and tells a story about various types of emerging technology trends in Nairobi. Beyond technology, it can also serve as a general platform to investigate other key development trends, such as gender or education, and even broader issues of society as well. We used data from local news media (Daily Nation), local reports (Voice of Kibera), technology blog (iHub) and Guardian website, and others can be easily incorporated.

Themes: Data Visualisation, International development, Communities and civic engagement


Homepage Timeline By category



Manager: Simon Rovder

  • Simon Rovder, Informatics
  • Barbora Murinova, Informatics
  • Thomas Kerber, Informatics
  • Ivan Bartos, School of Biological Sciences
  • Juraj Labant, School of Mathematics


Description UniCompass is a communication portal, the goal of which is to croudsource information on universities. The final goal is to make sure students from all over the world will have access to information relevant for them, all gathered on a single page. It’s hard to give a detailed description in text but we are happy to present the idea in detail to any committee that stops at our table. : )

Screenshots: Index page Logged in Browse the covered countries View a country View the universities View a university View a profile Profile editing